Noise Rock Legends Lightning Bolt on DIY Spaces

“All the artists and musicians who were working and living in cheap spaces in Providence all got kicked out because developers were trying to buy up all the property and develop it. And that’s happening in Brooklyn now. I’m sad about it; I don’t know what to do about it and I don’t know who to blame, or if there is anyone to blame.

It just means there’s gonna be some other place that’s gonna have to play the role of providing that kind of culture. Maybe it’s just gonna get pushed out to the fringes more and more, like geographically get pushed further out.

It’s unfortunate, because I do think that having cheap space and nice venues where people can go to really does create scenes, and more bands appear in those kinds of environments, and good bands. It’s a really healthy environment. Good music comes out of it. And there’s just not going to be good music that’s gonna come out of Brooklyn. There’s not a music scene in Manhattan, and there’s not gonna be a music scene in Brooklyn.”


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