A Modern Time Capsule

As the music industry can’t tell its head from its arse at the moment, more innovative ways of making music a product are being thought up. Whatever your thoughts about music as a product and being commodified, it’s clear that people want some feeling of tangibility when consuming, part of the reason why digital downloading doesn’t cut it.

In this case Deru has conceived of his new musical venture as an overall experience. It may not be dealing with the problem of making money but it does deal, more importantly with the dearth of experience associated that has been removed in even the simple ritual of holding a CD. You can download the album all you want, watch it on youtube again and again but still there’ll be that nagging feeling that you’re not quite getting the WHOLE experience. And consumption is all about the expectation that your getting every trickle of the experienced promised to you.

“This whole album, the website, what we’ve announced thus far, and what we have coming next are all about experience. I remember buying an album as a kid, and that was an event. It was an experience. I would listen to the whole thing through, in one sitting. We aim to bring a bit of that back.
We’re trying to use the best that the Internet has to offer in bringing people together, while trying to counteract the ADD attitudes it can promote at the same time… 1979 is also inspired by a real-life discovery of a physical object rather than simply a curation of things that exist on the web.
Even though those services exist, I think that every so often a call to action for everybody to participate is refreshing. People want to share what’s meaningful to them, rather than simply see things in your “feed” flow by every day. In short, we want to bring back the experience.”



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